This is me.

I am a mum, wife, sister, daughter, aunty, cousin, friend. I was an expectant mother until my world came crashing down on 7 March 2015. 

This is my story.

It took 5 years and 5 lots of fertility treatment to fall pregnant with Toby, our miracle donor egg baby born in early 2012. Roll forward 2.5 years and we were ready to do it again. Treatment all booked for October and we were lucky enough to fall pregnant. 

I had some short bouts of spotting in the early weeks which resolved by 10 weeks. The 12 week and 20 week scans were all normal and we dared to hope and dream Toby would be a big brother.

At 21+5 weeks I had a puffy ankle which I mentioned in passing to a colleague, she said I had to get it checked out as it could be pre-eclampsia, I laughed at her but promised to follow it up. The next day on 5 March I went to the doctor who said my blood pressure was at the high end of normal but to go home and rest and come back on the Monday for a check-up. The next day the swelling had reduced and I felt better. The following day I had a headache and felt odd but as the swelling had gone I tried to sleep it off. That eveing I felt so unwell and called the out of hours service told me to go to the day unit, this was the start of the end.