Rory’s Rock

I’ve been feeling a bit tired and run down of late, life just seems busy and I’ve not had much time to stop and take stock.

Today however Rory was present and made me slow down and appreciate life. It was bright and sunny this morning so I dug out a spring outfit but then as the morning went on it became cooler. Just as we were on our way out I remembered that my boring grey fleece was on the banister, I grabbed it put it in and off we went. 

When we got back I noticed a lump in the pocket, I delved around and found a stone with a hole in it which according to my mum and dad is a lucky stone. I immediately remembered that on Rory’s anniversary we’d been at a local beach and I’d been searching for a little something to mark the day. There were lots of interesting shells and pebbles, all of which were picked up and discarded as they weren’t quite right but then this stone caught my eye, there was a dip in it and I was so excited when I saw a hole – the holy grail of stones and I’d found it! 

I popped it in my pocket with the intention of putting it in Rory’s box only for life to get in the way, that is until today. 

Thank you Rory for sending the cool weather so I could find your stone and pause to remember our special trip to the beach. This time next week is the first anniversary of your cremation and my 36th birthday. We have a special family day planned and know that you will be with us in your hearts. 
The stone is so special that it is on display rather than sitting in your memory box, sleep tight my gorgeous baby boy 💙