Just a normal day

As Toby was writing our names on his pencil case (it’s wipe clean, it’s allowed!) he said Mummy, what are Rory and Henry’s favourite colours?

I explained that Rory had a green hat so perhaps his is green and Henry had yellow ducks on his outfit so his must be yellow. Toby got excited as Matt’s favourite colour is also yellow and they both have the same birthday.

I love my little 6 year old and the lovely times he asks normal questions about his baby brother’s or chooses to write their names. We never ever force Toby to involve his brothers in things, it’s always his choice if he wants to include them or talk about them. I realised this morning that this is our normal and it’s nice that we can have these conversations without feeling sad.

People may find it odd that we talk freely about what the boys might like or what they might be up to but that’s our normal and it isn’t going to change.

Don’t be upset for us or feel awkward, it’s just us 😊