Dads, I need YOU!

I’m preparing a blog about Father’s Day which this year in the UK is on Sunday 17 June this year.

At the end of the piece I’d love to list baby loss Daddy’s names alongside the names of their babies.

If you would like a loss Daddy to be recognised and honoured please send me an Email or a DM in the following format:

Dad’s name – babies name(s), dad label you use.

For example:

Matt Pickett – Rory and Henry’s Daddy

Feel free to add names of living siblings if that’s applicable to your family situation and you want to include them.

I appreciate not every loss family has a ‘dad’ in the picture. With that in mind, anyone who has been like a dad to a loss baby or their family can be honoured too, including grandads! I just want to honour the unsung heroes on Father’s Day.

I look forward to receiving your requests x

5 thoughts on “Dads, I need YOU!

  1. What an absolutely amazing thing to do. I would love to be a part of this Pete Goodchild – Baby Poppy’s Daddy. As would a few other Dad’s i know that have lost:

    Glen Britton – Baby Eli’s Daddy

    I’ll get some more and let you know if that is ok?

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