All about the Dads

The baby loss world (unsurprisingly) is full of mums, moms, mamas and mummies. We don’t often hear about the dads though. It’s Father’s Day today in the UK and I’d like to take a moment to honour the dads, dadas, papas and daddies who are parents to babies who couldn’t stay.

These men are the glue to baby loss families and the rock to the mums living without their babies. These men often go back to work after a few days, these men register their babies birth and death, these men watch their parter crumble and feel helpless, these men are asked how their wife is doing but nobody asks them.

All dads are amazing, loss dads have super powers! Wishing you all a gentle day x

Matt – Toby, Rory and Henry’s Daddy

Chris – Henry’s Daddy

Lee – Luna’s Daddy

Rich – Joshua and Imogen’s Daddy

Lee – Thea’s Daddy

Rob Lock – Jacob’s Daddy

Toby – Evelyn’s Daddy

Mark – Oscar’s Daddy

Martin – Kitty’s Daddy

Matt – Baby Matthew Robert’s Daddy

Matt Jarvis – Jack’s Daddy

Ryan Whitcher – Albie Jack’s Daddy

Scott Martin – Ava-Joy’s Daddy

Scott – Grace Maria’s Daddy

Steve – Reggie’s Daddy

James – Alana and Gabriella’s Daddy

Stuart Winner – Tommy’s Daddy

Simon – Sutton Twins’ Daddy

Dave – Henry’s Daddy

Alistair – Harrison Elliot George Smith’s Daddy

Paul – Baby Brock’s Daddy

Luke – Jason’s Daddy

Ross – Daniel’s Daddy

Scott – Ameila’s Daddy

Liam – Layla-Jean’s Daddy

Martin – Our Little Angel’s Daddy

Dave – Joshua’s Daddy

Archie – Charlotte Grace’s Daddy

Gavin – Imogen Ruby’s Daddy

Fabio – Alina’s Babbo

Mark Carter – Daisy’s Daddy

Pete Goodchild – Baby Poppy’s Daddy

Glen Britton – Baby Eli’s Daddy

Matt – Temperance’s Daddy