Closed (of sorts)

I’ve not posted in a long time. Topics keep popping into my head but they don’t feel good enough. I started this blog so that people knew about Rory. It was an outlet, somewhere where I was me but not really me. Then Henry happened and I wrote more, I had more to say. Then I wrote about my path to healing. I finished EMDR in January and whilst I am still a work in progress I can feel the old me coming back. I still love my baby boys, I still want the world to know their names and their faces but our books project (Butterfly Books for Baby Loss) and Instagram just fulfil this need to share and comment on life after loss a little better. I’m not closing my wordpress account but at the same time didn’t want to leave it hanging.

If you want to follow my journey (or look at random photos of my cat), you can find me on Instagram at @beingmyownrainbow

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