Made With Love

Toby’s birthday is in less than two days and I still can’t believe he will be four! A few months ago I had the ‘great’ idea to make him a teepee for his birthday. 

I bought a pattern, then some fabric and didn’t do much else. At the start of December I panicked, contacted my lovely sewing teacher and we made a date to meet. Over the course of two hours she deciphered the pattern and helped me cut the fabric out. We determined that it was going to be a biggun!

I then didn’t do much, life was busy, Christmas happened, upset and miscommunication occurred and I switched off. Then two weeks ago I panicked again and set to work. I sat at my shiny new sewing machine and sewed, unpicked, cursed and sewed some more. Today with the help of my dad who came to drill holes in the poles I finished!

I’m proud of my achievements, the teepee stands up and looks ok. I took up sewing after Rory died as I needed something to pass the time, I couldn’t stand watching TV or looking at my phone so sewing was my escape in the evenings. Off I went to IKEA and bought a cheap machine (I have since upgraded to a Singer) and I played and created.

I realised last night that if it wasn’t for Rory I would never have made something so amazing for Toby. If Rory hadn’t died I would have never discovered my love for sewing. 

There is love for Toby and Rory in every stitch of the marquee sized teepee, I can’t count the stitches as there are too many. The number stitches is just like the amount of love in my heart for my boys – it is unquantifiable and never ending (a bit like the start of my teepee making journey!).

Thank you Rory for helping me to make Toby a very special present for his birthday X